Road posts



Signal road post С5

Столбик Сигнальный

 «JSC TOPAZ» offers you the column barrier retroreflective C5 own production.

On the fence:
It is used for signaling on the separation barrier fence . Due to their location, they are clearly visible at any time and in any weather.  

 The column has a reflective elements in the form of white or red film. Their round shape enables the fullest reflect headlights falling at any angle . The column is not subject to corrosion and UV rays . 
For installation using metal fittings .

In concrete: 
Column C5  with removable reflective film . Not intended for use after a collision . 

The housing is separated from the column and the retaining device retains its properties for reuse. The bar is made of a resin material,
not require staining , not subject to corrosion . The holding device is made of metal , providing a compound of the column housing with a holding device , which allows put off and set back

Signal road post С1

Столбик Сигнальный Столбик Сигнальный

«Road post С1» is an element arrangement of roads and for the visual orientation of road . Quality assurance. Made from high-density polyethylene , the material is certified in Russia and has a health certificate . Road post body is white, has a high-impact toughness sufficient to ensure its safety when working on its contents ( sink, replacing reflectors itp ) . In the column body vertical markings applied in the form of a sloping strip of black. On a strip of black color with two opposite sides coated rectangular reflectors made of a film production company 3М (USA). Right side - red , left - white.

Road post made according totechnical documintation  GOST Р 50970-2011.
Height 1500 мм. n cross-section column is an isosceles triangle with a base 60 мм, height 120 мм., Nose radius 15 мм.
Operating temperature - 40 deg.С до +50 deg.С

Signal road post С3.3

Сигнальные столбики Сигнальные столбики  

C3 -type road post are designed to be installed along the roads to visualize the width of the road . Reuse products after a collision with a vehicle . Road post made according to the technical documintation GOST Р 50970-2011.

The road posts are designed for repeated use and self-healing its upright position after the collision of the vehicle . Signal bars installed on the roads according to GOST Р 52289.

Operating temperature от - 40 deg.С до +50 deg.С 
Reflectors are made of a film 3М (USA). Right side - red , left - white.. 
Road post construction and properties of the film provide high vandal-proof properties. Height 1300 мм.

Signal road post С3.1

Сигнальные столбики Сигнальные столбики Сигнальные столбики

Signal road post С2.1

Сигнальные столбики

Signal road post С2.1. installation instruction according to «Росавтодора»

Road post С2.1 is used to indicate the direction or location of an obstacle on the road in the dark , and to refer to the bilateral road barriers in the median .

  1. The post is attached to the top of the rack enclosures in such a way that the lower edge of the reflector towered above the upper edge of the beam on the fence (100±10) мм.
  2. Allowed different types of installations .

Road post С2.1. Installing differ from GOST 50970-2011 for regions with harsh climates , by pouring a concrete base solution .

Signal road post С2


Signal road post
С2.3.1, С2.3.2, С2.3.3

Сигнальные столбики Сигнальные столбики

Signal road posts С2, С2.3.1, С2.3.2, С2.3.3. Completed in accordance with GOST 50970-2011 . Markings applied by the technical task «Росавтодора».

Signal road post C2 consist of a body and restraint , ensuring stability of the signal corps of the column in an upright position . The housing is separated from the column and the retaining device retains its properties for reuse it after collision of the vehicle.

The holding device enables the removal of the body of the column and reinstall . The road post is made of a special flexible plastic bendable in both directions , allowing the restoration of the original shape of the product after the impact , the car collision , vandalism actions . In case of a collision columns do not cause damage to the vehicle , while maintaining its integrity. On two opposite sides coated reflectors that make them visible in the dark . The road post attached to the surface ( asphalt, concrete ) with anchor bolts in the two-component epoxy adhesive . The movable column has the ability to reuse without violating the integrity of the structure .

Road post installation

Road post installation. Traffic signal posts best quality and the lowest price , you will find here! Concrete и metal road post — they are in past,JSC TOPAZ products is the future, best prices in Moscow.

Previously, to install fencing needed special equipment , today & nbsp; setup signaling columns & nbsp; do not require much effort to install . Lightweight, durable and compact & nbsp; traffic signal poles , plastic & nbsp; be transported by any transport. The best prices from the manufacturer of JSC TOPAZ .

To install the column signal via the well drill sees appropriate diameter and depth. The signal post is immersed in a well and poured liquid concrete mix . Also, the transverse reinforcement is used , it can increase the stability of the column .

Special flexible plastic ensures the recovery of the original shape of the product after the impact , collision , vandalism actions . The main advantage , which has a plastic column of traffic signal to other equipment , & mdash; reusability without loss of the technical and operating characteristics.

Road posts specials:

Public Service and STSI prefer to use & nbsp; plastic signaling columns , since they have sufficient repulsive force to stop a car that can go on the repaired area . In addition, the signal bars made by & laquo; JSC Topaz & raquo ;, differ competitive price and quality . The company offers a wide range of road equipment , road columns of different heights and widths .

& laquo;JSC Topaz & raquo; engineers developed unique design road signaling equipment . Plastic bars of different sizes , portable and fixed embody many of the advantages of auxiliary equipment . All products have a special anti-vandal cover and reflective elements that allow drivers to see & nbsp; Posts signal & nbsp; in the dark .

These products are widely used by municipal and road services . Ease of operation is obviously for the protection of children's playgrounds , parking lots , repair parts . Made poles with rings for the protective tape . Each traffic cone and the signal bar is made of durable polymer that has the ability to recover its shape after sudden changes in temperature . They are also not exposed to rainfall and fading under ultraviolet light .

Signal posts correspond to GOST

Our company offers a variety of types and variations in equipment made in according to GOST& : signaling posts & nbsp; and traffic cones .

It is necessary to set the & nbsp; Posts signal C1 & nbsp; or C3 at an equal distance from each other . On straight sections of the route , the bars are arranged in a cross-section along the two sides of the road .

The range of & nbsp; signal posts , the price & nbsp; is the lowest in the city. Various options , quality assurance . Products are easy to clean, provides for the replacement of reflective details











Столбик сигнальный С3-1

Road post С3-1 by GOST Р 50970-2011 (flexible, flat)

Height: 1300 mm.
Weight: 0,52kg
Package: 20 pcs.




Столбик сигнальный С3-3

Road post С3-3 по GOST Р 50970-2011 (flexible, semicircular)

Height: 1300 mm.
Weight: 0,98kg
Package: 10 pcs




Столбик сигнальный С1

Road post С1 по
GOST Р 50970-2011

Height: 1500 mm.
Weight: 1,05kg
Package: 8 pcs.,
Package volume: 0.12 м³.




Столбик сигнальный С2

Road post С 2
(flexible, semicircular)

According to the technical project "Rosautodor"

Height: 760 mm.

Вес: 1,220 кг.


Height: 1000mm.
Weight: 1,400 kg.


269,00 р.

289,00 р.


Столбик сигнальный С2

Road post С 2.3.1

Red stripes
Light reflection: NO
Height: 760 mm.




599,00 р.



Столбик сигнальный С2

Road post С 2.3.2

Red stripes
reflective, type B

Light reflection: YES

Height: 760 mm.




849,00 р.



Столбик сигнальный С2

Road post С 2.3.3

Red and white stripes
reflective, type B

Light reflection: YES

Height: 760 mm.




1199,00 р.



Столбик сигнальный С2.3.4

Road post
С 2.3.4

Without film
Light reflection: NO
Height: 760 mm.




557,00 р.



Столбик сигнальный С 2.1

Road post С 2.1

Height: 0,8 m.


240,00 р.


Road post С5

Height: 0,6; 0,8 m.


699,00 р. (with film)

499,00 р. (without film)